Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A-GPS with the Suunto Pod

The next step to do after finished logging software support would be to use ephemeris and almanac data, either from another itrax unit or from other online source.

This would help to keep the startup time to minimum, if the almanac and ephemeris are up to date.


  1. It would be great, because fix is extremly slow for me (unknown reason).

  2. When I looked into the iTrax GPS module, there is some parameters that sets the time when the GPS-alm/eph-data is too old, and it seems like 7.5 hours is the default setting, after this all eph/alm data has to be acquired again, for each satellite. If you for example put the unit under the sky and wait for a fix, then turn it off for a minute, it will get a new fix in a matter of seconds the next start.