Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Use the T6 USB cable with GPS Pod

Here's part of a message with photos from Daniel Rubio who apparently made a hack to connect the original T6 USB-cable. I have a T3C watch, so I have not tested this.

Hi Anders, taking your notes I have modified the GPS POD and added three external contacts without wires to be able to use the Suunto interface cable. It works wonderfully.

Here's some pics of my modification...
1- This is the outside...I used the metal pin from DIL IC sockets.

The pin-out as seen in the pic are:
TX to POD, GND, RX from POD

2- Note the cut out needed (for connection pins) on the plastic part that holds the PCB in place
3- Details of the Suunto I/F cable connected to the POD and the laptop